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charity: water

This past year, I was truly touched by the work charity: water is doing. I personally believe everyone has the right to accessible, clean drinking water, and to that end I have decided that from now through this coming year, I would walk for water. Starting December 28, 2011, I will walk on the treadmill at my gym every day, to try to raise money for those who don’t have clean, safe drinking water.

I can’t do this alone. I need your help.  

By either donating a set amount, or pledging money for every mile I walk, you can be an active participant in bringing water to a village that desperately needs it. I might not be the fastest, nor the strongest runner, but I can walk.  And I am determined to meet my goal of raising $5,000.00 needed to build a well.  I will be taking a photo everyday, and putting it here on this blog, as proof to ensure that I stick to my goal, and remain focused on what’s important: clean water.


Click here to go to my campaign.


Where is the well being built?  I have asked charity: water  this question, and unfortunately, they do not “assign” a specific village in need of a well to any campaign in advance.  Wells are built to help the largest number of people who have the greatest need for clean water in a particular region.

However, every well that is built is mapped on their site using GPS. Click here to see where they’ve built in the past.

Why this well? I want everyone to see the one well that we, as a community, as a family, were able to help build.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at pinkyfuzzboo@gmail.com.

For more information about me, personally, please see my other blog, StephanieShoopak.wordpress.com .

Thank you.

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